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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fox Cushion

I have recently had the pleasure of completing a commission for a cushion with the image of a fox on it. I was given a beautiful photograph of a fox that had been altered using Photoshop to give it a more simplified, graphic look and was asked to translate the image in to a textile design. 

I was asked to make a large cushion (24") so started by enlarging the image using a grid technique. I simplified the image further by re-creating the image as a felt tip sketch. I was asked to use a specific fabric for the backing of the cushion so used this as a guide for my choice of colours and decided to limit the colour palette to 4 colours. 

I traced my sketch to form simple shapes that I cut out of fabric. I then built up the face of the fox using applique and added detail and texture using free-hand machine embroidery over the top. 

I turned the design in to a piped cushion with zip opening on the back. 

I really enjoyed this commission - it was quite a challenge at first but I am really pleased with the results. 

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