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Monday, 3 September 2012

My amazing new cutting table!

I recently made two large pairs of curtains for a client. Not having a cutting table meant that I had to do most of this knelt on the floor, which has left me with very painful knees! Because of this I decided I really needed to get a cutting table and started looking in to purchasing one. I soon realised they were very very expensive to buy. So, I went to my very clever Dad to ask him what he might be able to knock together for me and here is the result! An amazing cutting table! It has transformed my studio space and has made all tasks so much easier - and less painful! The table cost £120 in materials - £100 for the wood and £20 for an off cut of Vinyl to cover the top. I am so so pleased with the results - thanks Dad!!

The table acts as a great storage space too!

To fit the cutting table in to my studio we took down the double bed and replaced it with a single futon which has given me more space and somewhere nice to sit when I take a break!

The table is already being put to good use!


  1. Looking good Em. Is that a guitar case under the table?

  2. Cool, I need to replace the bookcase in my studio. Can you mention it to your dad :)?

    1. Yes of course - he took early retirement recently and is starting his own business doing decorating and odd jobs etc for people. What sort of thing is it that you are after?

    2. No sure. Will have to make measurements, etc. Is he in Swindon?

    3. he's in Calne so not far from Swindon. x

    4. he's in Calne so not far from Swindon. x