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Monday, 15 August 2011

A night of Lucian Freud and Banksy

 After weeks of there not being anything good to watch on TV,  Saturday night I sat down and watched two excellent programmes. Firstly BBC 2 showed a programme called 'Imagine sitting for Lucian Freud', a documentary about Lucian Freud the British portrait artist who recently passed away and the people who sat for his paintings. After this Channel 4 showed 'Exit through the Gift Shop' a documentary made by British street artist Banksy about the fickle world of Art. 
If you get chance you must watch these fascinating programmes!

Girl in bed, Lucian Freud

Girl with Leaves,  Lucian Freud.

Escape in to Life,  Lucian Freud.

Sleeping Head,  Lucian Freud.

Naked Self Portrait,  Lucian Freud.  
Street Art by Banksy

Street Art by Banksy

Street Art by Banksy
Balloon Girl, Banksy  
Street Art by Banksy

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